Family Spotlight

From Start to Building:

Keith Miller

At Graham Trucking, we are a part of a big family.  We found a lifelong family member in Keith Miller.  Keith has been at Graham for seven years and is one of our most loved family.  He has bought in to the whole family here at Graham, earned a dozen awards, Driver of the Quarter, enjoyed numerous events and parties here, helped drivers who needed it, keep safety at the top of his radar, ran many miles, and won over our hearts and respect!  Keith is the true example of Graham family. 

He was born and raised in Memphis and has lived in all three states in the tri-state area.  He even lived in Oklahoma for two years.  When Keith is not driving, he loves to build things, draw, and spend time with his family.  He has a wife, children, and grandchildren.  They are all remarkably close and a have a home filled with laughter.  Keith said they have just as much fun in the living room of their home as they do on vacation.  Keith’s family supports him in his profession knowing it provides for them and they know he loves what he does.  His family is just as much a part of our family as he is.  This is not just a sacrifice or decisions made by him but them as well.  Graham has enjoyed many Christmas party dinners with his wife, family days on the lake, and even a graduation lunch or two.

Keith has been between Memphis and Laredo and all in between.  He started driving in 2007 and chose this career path because it guaranteed income stability and the freedom to work alone.  He has been Graham family for over 7 years and has kept a perfect record throughout that time.  Before accepting a dedicated run, he drove over the road and expressed it was a great experience.  He got to see new cities and landscapes and travel while getting paid.  He now enjoys the dedicated run as it gives him a consistent routine that he can schedule around and sleep at home each night. 

Here at Graham we offer options that fit each driver.  One of those options is our lease purchase program.  Keith decided he wanted to be a lease purchase driver with the mindset to be an Owner Operator one day.  He has now owned and operated two trucks through the lease purchase program and made it extraordinarily successful for him and his family.  His ultimate advice for lease purchase drivers is to be open to taking runs that you usually would not want to do to ensure your income can sustain your payment and your lifestyle.  He wanted to try the program to see if he could make money and to be able to have pride in owning his own truck.  He has accomplished that and so much more! 

We asked Keith what his thought was to being a successful driver in the lease purchase program and he said you must pre trip regularly, keep tools on hand, handle small repairs on your won, and smart fueling.  This is great advice to anyone starting or going through the program.  It is crucial in this program to be very business minded as you are growing and molding your very own business. 

Family here at Graham check in from time to time just to see how our guys are doing personally and professionally and have asked Keith what keeps him here at Graham and he informed us it was People, Pay, and Professionalism.  We feel it takes those like Keith to help make this program and life here at Graham successful.  Keith’s peers had all great things to say about him:  dedicated, team player, professional, helpful, and very inviting and down to earth. 

Keith’s goal is to get two more trucks rolling and building his own name, fleet, and brand.  We hope to see him build even deeper roots here at Graham and help build in the Graham family. 

“What is your most important tool, Keith?” Keith was quick to say, “a sharp, rested, and open minded.” 

Keith is one of our loved family members.  We have others growing, shaking, and building just as Keith!  Here at Graham we feel as though we are all in this together and we are grateful to have family like Keith Miller!